Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MichaelSoft Auto Update (MAU) New Version

Having TROUBLE get each PCs game update in your cybercafe?

If you have more than 50 PCs in your cybercafe, and need to update game for each single PC. What would happen? Would you able to get all PCs game update in short time? Do you know how much time to get update game for each PC? What if a PC have 30 type of game, how long would you take to update each game? How about for 50 PCs for each PC have 30 type of game?

Is time you have to take a concern about this game update issue.

Now you no need worry anymore. The most powerful. The most compatible. The most faster auto game update solution. The best value auto game update in market now. No matter your cybercafe is using disk or diskless network system now, the new version of MichaelSoft Auto Update deliver the best Auto Game Update solution in the market.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Call Centre Bangsar South Project

We are great having the other project in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur. This Call Centre company specialist in marketing software and marketing services across the Asia-Pacific regioin. Which helping large global and local companies to acquire, retain, grow and win-back their customers. System not centralize. Virus/Network virus attacked.

This Call Centre have 40~50 PCs. They are using Ubuntu Kiosk Mode system for running all PCs in the Centre. Different PCs hardware spec, SAMSUNG, ACER and INTEL. And all PCs switch on by manual one by one. They having problem PCs start up slow. Virus and Trojan attack issue. PCs and Network system repair maintenance fees high. If 20 PCs get attacked, each PC got to repair one by one. Waste of time. Delays in the priority work. Business affected.

So having MichaelSoft DDS Diskless Network Solution, is the best network solution in this kind of environment. The best successful and well-known diskless solution system in South East Asia.

Problem solve within few hours. All PCs start up less than 2 minute. Fast and smooth. MichaelSoft DDS Diskless Network Solution is a centralize desktop management solution and allowed client easy to troubleshoot and maintain PCs. It guarantee PCs run smoothly and without problem. Hassle free for IT technical team.

All PCs reboot without any direct contact use of each PC's hard disk. Imagine how fast is it, MichaelSoft DDS Diskless Network Solution, give you the best network solution in such an environment. Thanks to this Call Centre having us, deploy MichaelSoft DDS Diskless Network Solution for this projects.