Thursday, October 28, 2010

About MichaelSoft

Michaelsoft DDS Sdn Bhd [767256-K], incorporated in 2007 is a leading provider of hard-diskless network management system in Malaysia. Focus on delivering hard-diskless technology solutions, Michaelsoft DDS Sdn Bhd provides consultation; management and maintenance services specialize for Cybercafé, College, University, Computer Lab, Computer Training Centre and Office.
Michaelsoft DDS Sdn Bhd was accorded an MSC Malaysia Status in 2007 by Multimedia Development Corporation or MDeC, recognizing it as a leader in providing hard-diskless solutions to the educational industry.

Mission & Goals

The people at Michaelsoft DDS Sdn Bhd are committed to the following mission:

To be the partner of choice for leading educational institution,
government and enterprises by helping them create IT value and maintain the most innovative,
reliable and cost by introducing diskless technology and meet customers’ growing needs through
rapid development of new application solutions.”

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