Thursday, October 28, 2010

DDS For Hotel

Internet is being widely used around the world to get information or to share information and somehow it has become something we need everyday just like how we need the refrigerator that keeps our drinks cold, the television that allows us to watch our favorite movie programs. During a vacation or a business trip, we are always provided with the refrigerator and the television in the Hotel room, but sadly it is very rare that we can see a desktop computer with internet access in the room. Why is the hotel so reluctant to provide a multimedia desktop computer in each of the room? Are there any good solutions that may help a lot in terms of cost, time and maintenance? Well, the search and the doubts end here, as MichaelSoft DDS Sdn Bhd presents you with "DDS" solution. A diskless solution that helps you to manage your networked environment easily, efficiently and not to forget it helps you to reduce cost as well.
How can DDS Solution help and how does it benefit the hotels management and their guests?

Cost & Efficiency.
When it comes to business, is always about cost and efficiency. Well, DDS serves you well when it comes to that topic.
  • By implementing DDS solution, the cost for a single desktop can be reduced because there is no need to buy a hard disk.
  • Without hard disk, power consumption of a desktop can be saved as well.
  • A single 7200rpm HDD averagely consumes 15W, it might look little but when it comes to 100 PCs, which will give u a total of 1500W, or 1.5kW being used every hour. Now, that's a huge amount.
  • Using less electricity also means caring for our Earth more. We can help keep the world a Greener and a better place to live in.
Let's move onto efficiency, with DDS solution, is it possible to have just one Technician to maintain the 100 PCs (software wise)? Yes it is possible. How?
  • Traditionally, if the PCs are using hard disk, the only way to troubleshoot, update software or to put up new information on the PC, is to have the technician going from room to room and do repetitive work of 100 times.
  • The worst thing is, it is impossible for the technician to go into those rooms while there are guests inside. But with DDS solution, the technician needs only to update a single PC in order to apply all the updates in the hotel rooms anytime. That is what we called efficiency and convenience.
Afraid of accidental system files deletion and viruses? Worry no more because DDS solution provides a recovery or a "go-back" system which helps to recover the PC into the previous state.
  • For example, a guest of the hotel has accidentally delete an important file from the PC or gotten a virus from the internet, a simple restart will "undo" all those mistakes and restore the PC back into its previous state. The PC will be back to its healthy state and ready to be use again after the restart.
Compatibility & Performance.
DDS has a wide range of compatibility or can be consider on par with a PC with hard disk but a PC powered by DDS will definitely outperform a PC using hard disk. Why?
  • By using DDS, all the PCs booted from DDS server will benefit a RAID0 performance boost. Which also means operating systems, software will run faster compare to using only a normal hard disk that is not using RAID.
  • DDS can support different specification PCs connected to the network. So it is okay to have 30 Brand X PCs, 30 Brand Y PCs and 30 Brand Z PCs booting from the same DDS Server, this is possible because of our multi-driver support system.
  • Other than that, DDS can boot the PCs with different language of Windows.
With DDS, lots of issues faced in the past have now been solved with a high efficiency yet at a very minimal cost. Hotels can now install a Desktop Computers in each of their rooms with minimal consideration. With this add-on facility/service, the Hotel's level of service will not only increase but will gain more return customers. This is because it is either just too difficult to find hotels which provide Desktop Computers. With such conveniences provided by the hotels, customers no longer require to bring their heavy laptops while travelling and also worry about the safety of their laptops. Besides that, with DDS, features like Video on Demand, mini games, Hotel guides and information can be implemented into the Desktop Computers to further increase the use of the Desktop Computers.
To learn more about DDS, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how DDS can help your hotel business grow and create more business opportunities.

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