Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Michaelsoft DDS Christmas Promotion !!

In Malaysia, more than 90% of the Internet cafes/Cybercafe that industry have to work again and again every day and feel bored or worry, if it is using the Hard Disk System Internet cafe/Cybercafe owner is troublesome to update or repair of each one client computer, such as Internet cafes/Cybercafe have over 40 of your client computer, when you want to update your patch of the Online Game , your work is equal to 1 x 40Client PCs = 40Times, if you want to Update in the same time it more than 5, equivalent to 5 x 40Client PCs = 200Times!! So your client PCs more , your job will be more , plus Internet access speed problems and the stability of the server to connect to foreign factors, this work is not only cost you precious time, you usually have to spend human and financial resources. After setup an Internet cafe/Cybercafe the most troublesome parts is to update the game , some owners to hire technical staff and thus help them to repeat the light of a boring job, but ask the bar industry have not thought about if one day technical staff sick or find another job of it, to re-train a system to become familiar with your bar staff not happen overnight. Have you thought about this if all this is done by the computer to help you? In a child to listen to teachers or family members often say, "time is money" "An inch of time is money, time prodigality" This is similar to the sentence, and that was also true, if you can grasp some time to earn more much money, why not? ? To find a solution not without, but you find is not really suitable for your proposal? If there is no clue, let us introduce our company to provide one-stop cafes diskless system service to you now :-)

Michaelsoft DDS Sdn Bhd in Malaysia is the only one certified by MSC companies to provide diskless system, so we are the first Malaysian company to provide Linux diskless system is now used by most cybercafes diskless system. Today we launched a "Auto Game Update 'Turbo'" system is no blocked by ISP or others powerful features , a day to help you reduce static, repeated again and again update the game to work. Not only that, our company also offers one-stop solution for Internet cafes/Cybercafe : Auto Game Update + new super-stunning beauty Michaelsoft Game Menu + DDS Linux Diskless System + QNO Multi WAN VPN Router + Battle LAN. We have a strong customer technical support team, providing customers with the best after-sales service, is definitely your best partner in Internet cafes/Cybercafe .

Christmas in the coming years, Michaelsoft DDS will bring all of the Internet cafe/Cybercafe Industry a great news. Signed in this period as long as you purchase our services, we will gift you a value of RM99.90 for "DDS Powerful USB Tools" and free 30-day "Auto Game Update Turbo" service, is absolutely unique in Malaysia! ! (Who are interested to help publicize and share it out , Michaelsoft DDS would like to feel full support over the years by all of the Internet Cafe/Cybercafe industry , in order to have today has a comprehensive solution for our company, Thank you!!)

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Added on December 3, 2010, 4:57 pmAlthough there are other companies also provide their "Auto Game Update" service, but our "Auto Game Update Turbo" won't be blocked in the 20kbps speed or below by ISP TM .What is your speed, how much to provide the speed. Want you to be smart consumers, not only to get themselves paid even more trouble.

Our company has a comprehensive solution to the registry game plan, so some games can not play after the update. We also ensure that no debris after the update, and windows of the problems. (If you have pay attention to other software, then please note that after the update, windows registry error or problem occurred)

Other companies are usually use the third-party games menu, so when there is a new game comes, they can not be the first time to promote the game in their menu. Therefore, we introduced the home game menu , there will be free to promote the game. If you have Internet cafes, or hold any of the Event Game Tournament, we will help you free publicity, when the system in Malaysia using our Internet cafes Internet cafes are also in receipt of your message.

Our server is also one of the best on the Malaysian data center, certainly not on his office to operate with a fixed IP, so do not worry. We can at any time certainly added to the broadband speeds from 10M 50M or 200M or more. (Such as WOW-TW update is a good example, usually with a fixed IP in Internet cafes or dynamic IP is a good download speed is uncertain, and often need to try again, but in the data center is not a problem if, and update rate is more than you download fast and stable Internet cafes. We downloaded, and then only by your connection to our server, then the bar owners do not even go abroad to update the server, so speed is determined soon , the local access local) to ensure the best download speeds to customers. BT itself is used together with our technology, so now more people join, then you faster download speeds to create a 3-way win-win program :-)

Contact Number : +603-7981 6878, +603-7982 0872
Sale Team Number : +6016-922 1248, +6016-695 1282, +6016-216 1248
Email Address : enquiry@michaelsoft.com.my ; michaelsoft2u@gmail.com
Company Website :www.michaelsoft.com.my
Msn : dds_Support@live.com.my

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