Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seek for relax + healthy living? Let's say "NO!" to manual game update, Go for Michaelsoft DDS Auto Game Update.

Seek for relax + healthy living? Let's say "NO!" to manual game update, Go for Michaelsoft DDS Auto Game Update.
Long term manually update online games

Most online games will have new updates every week of their patches; what if there are several games have new patches at the same time? Do you need to stay in front of the computer update them one by one? (Whether with hard disk or diskless system environment, you still need to update the games one by one)

Every week repeating the same job, it is not only wasting your valuable time by updating the games, but also affect your health, which require you stay up late always. That is throwing good money after bad.

Customers usually complaint that paying for online still have to help cybercafé to update game. Internet connection in our country is not too fast, normally 1Mbps -4Mbps. Just imagine if the game which not update and there are 10 customers want to play the game at the same time, if the patch file is 20Mb, how long do you think the 10 customers need to wait to complete download then only to play their favorite game? Of course, this is yet to considered the line might be using at the same time by other customers to surf internet, play games and etc. If so, customers would really blame.

It is not only few popular games to be updated, but also all other online games should be updated timely and install the latest games. By this to meet customer needs, strive to survive in such competitive environment.

Various reasons like technical staff turnover, sick leave, on leave, experience, and efficiency will affect the game update. Besides that, the less people to access the server, the lower risk for virus threats. As in server room of large corporation, less people enter is to minimize human negligence which might cause unwanted situation with unnecessary trouble like reinstall the client system, etc. that is extremely time-consuming and business operation definitely affected.

If cybercafé owner handles technical issues as well, then who would update all online games during the owner away for vacation, or have some programs? Without updating the online games for a week or two, customers will start leaving.

For your health and enable yourself to spare more time to earn more income, let’s say “NO” to manual game update.

Michaelsoft DDS Auto Game Update “Turbo” will be a brand new technology evolution, fully automatic updates, unattended, save time, reduce workload, and save money. The most important is to reduce workloads and problems, minimize the risk from virus attacks. Network administrators may spend more time to deal with customers instead of dealing with machines. They can now have better interactions with customers to understand their needs, and put more efforts exploring new ideas to increase revenues. Provide the best quality service to customers.

With our custom made game menu, it completely solves the special registry issue of the game updates. We also provide the “new game” features, whenever a new game available, it will appear automatically in your game menu. We hope to create a fully automated game update environment to the industry, to reduce the workloads of network administrators; also to reduce problems face by cybercafé owners who have one or more branches.

MICHAELSOFT DDS Diskless Solution with Auto Game Update Turbo and our custom made Game Menu is your first choice!

Pay less and Gain more! Act now to subscribe our Auto Game Update Turbo! Minimize your network problems is always our priority!

Streamyx users under Michaelsoft DDS Auto Game Update Turbo average download speed

1Mbps = 80-100kbps++

2Mbps = 150-200kbps++

4Mbps = 350-400kbps++

*Unifi users under Michaelsoft DDS Auto Game Update Turbo average download speed

5Mbps = 450~500kbps++

10Mbps = 800-1000kbps++

20Mbps = 1600-2000kbps++

**Test results based on solely one internet connection provided for Michaelsoft DDS Auto Game Update Turbo

**Deploying Michaelsoft DDS Auto Game Update Turbo, absolutely get rid of ISP block or speed limit 20kbps and below.

Michaelsoft DDS Auto Game Update "Turbo"

20M TMNET Unifi client using Michaelsoft DDS "Auto Game Update Turbo" Download Speed - Up to 1.66Mbps

Michaelsoft DDS Auto Game Update Download Speed

Diskless = Workless

Diskless + Auto Game Update Turbo = Workless ++

Please contact us now to reduce your daily update + non-stop tasks and enjoy your holidays and healthy life anytime

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