Thursday, October 20, 2011

Garena Cybercafe Alliance (GCA), Free 1 Month Trial!!!!

Garena Cyber Cafe Alliance (GCA) program is a premium service providing exclusive benefits to the members of the program - the Internet Cafes. With GCA, your café will have the edge over the rest of the competing cafes in town! Your customers will be thrilled, they will definitely play longer with these privileges. Your competitors' customers will be yours soon, gamers will pick your café over others when they find out your café is a member of GCA!
Benefits you get upon enrolling to GCA:

1. GCA member cafes will be selected as priority venue for Garena events and tournaments, thus making GCA member cafes the favourite hangout place for players.

2. Internet shop will be promoted and advertised on Garena websites. Your cafe name and address will be included in our GCA Directory(Garena Cyberafe Alliance)

3. Free Garena GCA wallpaper for your computer units.

4. Stand out from the rest of competing cafes in town. GCA cafes easily attract new players and build stronger loyalty among customers.

5. Unlimited Garena Gold Membership benefits for the entire month or subscription period.

*Gold Member Benefits:
  • Access all Heroes
  • Verified or basic matchmaking access
  • All game modes
  • Enter Full Client Rooms
  • 2X Client Experience
  • Exact Numerical Ping
  • Gold Status
  • Double IP Boots
  • Extra 5% EXP & BP
  • 10% EXP Bonus + Double GCoins
  • First Time User extra 1000 Gcoins
What are Garena Cybercafe Alliance Packages??
    Please Register Now. Free 1 Month Trial!!!!!!!
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