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QNO APC Access Point Controller - The Best Wireless Management Solution for Chain Stores

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QNO APC Access Point Controller – The Best Wireless Management Solution for Chain Stores
The maturity of the Market and the changing of consumers' behavior has changed the way businesses compete and operate. Although business operators must focus on increasing revenue, satisfying customers' demand is equally important. The core advantage for these businesses is Information Technology.

With the current trend of businesses operating multiple chain stores, effective logistics and management systems are required. On the other hand, the emergence of E-Commerce has complicated logistics level. Furthermore, businesses are offering Wi-Fi as free service in every branch to satisfy customers' demands. However, a quality Wi-Fi service requires a stable signal, as well as a robust management solution for administrators.

Graph1: chain stores as example above require accurate information transmission. A secure and easy to manage network is vital.
QNO APC is VPN structure based and complies with the CAPWAP standard. It enables the management of remote APs and control clients' online behavior, resulting in simplified management tasks for administrators.

Graph2: QNO APC provides encrypted and distance control internet which gives the best internet solution.
QNO APC advantages:
1.CAPWAP Standard compliant, able to grow with firm size. 
CAPWAP is a global standard published by IETF. QNO APC and AP complies with CAPWAP and is expandable as the size of firms grows. 

2.Supports various network structures, effective budget control. 
QNO APC provides multiple VPN gateway functions. One APC with Data Plane is equal to two VPN products, suitable for enterprises with limited budget. Enterprises can utilize the Control Plane to avoid making modifications to their existing network.

Graph 3: APC in Control Plane and Data Plane modes, saving deployment time and costs.
3.Effectively unifies management to one central device.
The management of remote APs is unified to one central device, eliminating the need to manage each AP individually. These remote management functions include: remote restart, settings reconfiguration, import/export settings, firmware upgrades and scheduling. As an example, the APC located in headquarter can monitor all the APs of each branch office and tackle issues immediately. 

4.Monitoring of clients to ensure a stable network.
Qno APC is able to monitor the AP statuses of connected devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Giving permission to allow or deny clients and bandwidth usage limitation. 

5.Signal backup and amplification preventing disconnections. 
The HA (High Availability) backup function, built-in to Qno APC, is automatically activated when APC and VPN gateway are being simultaneously used. In a multiple APs environment, the APC can adjust and enhance the neighboring AP's Tx Power when a particular AP malfunctions, ensuring a stable connection for users.

6.Multiple encryption methods increases security level.
QNO APC is a complete “cable + VPN + wireless + wireless management” solution, supporting different VPN encryptions such as IPsec VPN, SSL VPN, PPTP VPN to firewall capability. Effectively provides firms a secure method to transfer sensitive information. The firewall NAT throughput is 200Mbps, proactive packet inspection, deny rogue APs and Clients, prevent IP spoofing, Trojan and virus attacks.

Graph 4: QNO APC series, satisfy all demands.
IT equipment has positively affected business operations, including smoother sales processes, providing information on demand for employees and customers using any portable device. Enterprises can also effortlessly retrieve data/information it needs to coordinate logistics flow, improve internal management, and manage its supply chain. Offering the best customer service is a Win-Win situation.

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