Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Philippines Government Project

Before having MichaelSoft DDS Diskless network solution, the local IT technician might install operating system and software one by one for all PCs. Imagine how many time must spend on it. If PCs get viruses attack, it might take time to reformat PCs and need to configure or recover one by one.

In fact, we are proud of our company services expanded to Philippines. MichaelSoft DDS Diskless network solution cover any network environment, such as Education, Cybercafe and Corporate Office. Within 2 hours, we are managed to boots all 35~40 PCs for this project. MichaelSoft DDS Diskless network solution is a centralize desktop management solution and allowed client easy to troubleshoot and maintain PCs. It guarantee PCs run smoothly and without problem. Hassle free for IT technical team.

They are happy with our MichaelSoft DDS Diskless network solution services after set up the solution for them. The local technicians would not have any headaches on hard disk replacement and repetitive tasks anymore. Thanks Philippines Government deploy MichaelSoft DDS Diskless network solution for this projects.

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