Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Singapore Cybercafe Project

Thank you for the Singapore Cybercafe owner choosing us MichaelSoft Auto Update (MAU) for your main cybercafe network system solution. We have data center in Singapore. We have local technician support. Distance is not a issue concern for us.

Yours Cybercafe online game auto update run smooth. Yours CyberCafe business run smooth. Gamers play smooth. Business grow smooth at the end. This is what MichaelSoft DDS wish to see happen. Your business success is ours achievement. Let's get the All-NEW MAU now.

♛ All-New MAU (MichaelSoft Auto Update). The best Cybercafe Diskless Solution. 3 in 1 Plan. Diskless System Solution + Game Menu + Auto Game Update = All 3 in 1. Get ready to the NEW features of MAU. Faster, Stable & Most Powerful.

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