Monday, October 27, 2014

Cheras Cybercafe

Thank you for choosing MichaelSoft Auto Update (MAU), for your diskless network system solution. One of the client from Cheras choosing ours product services.

Get the MAU promotion now. All 3 in 1 plan. Game menu, auto update, and diskless solution. Like usual, always get advice from ours IT technician first. Before really get into internet cafe business. Such what internet cafe software, diskless solution, network cabling, PC hardware and so on.

MichaelSoft DDS not only focus on Cybercafe. But DDS available for Education, & Corporate Office field as well. DDS (Disk Diskless Solution), is Linux based system. Where PC client's no need hard disk. All boot from server. More safe more clean desktop management environment for your business concern.

Nowadays technology always keep update. Windows 10 almost release soon. What else you didn't know. What else you waiting for. To choose the best diskless network solution for your business. MichaelSoft DDS is your best choice ever.

♛ All-New MAU (MichaelSoft Auto Update). The best Cybercafe Diskless Solution. 3 in 1 Plan. Diskless System Solution + Game Menu + Auto Game Update = All 3 in 1. Get ready to the NEW features of MAU. Faster, Stable & Most Powerful.

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