Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Grab the WeChat Business Oppurtunity with 25 Million Users NOW!

Don't Miss Out 25 Million WeChat user in Malaysia & Singapore!!

Today, we have shifted to a mobile internet era, where smartphones have become part of our daily necessities for all walks of life. Whether it is browsing the web, taking photos, shopping or even transportation, all these can be done at your finger tips. Mobile internet simply brings more business opportunities and break through unlimited boundaries.


25 million WeChat mobile users in Malaysia provides you a business platform to grow your business. WeChat Official Account lets you build a ‘virtual biz website’ inside WeChat. Today MichaelSoft DDS is appointed by WeChat Malaysia as WeChat Official Account Registration Authorised Partner in Malaysia. Hurry!! Make decision to expand your business today. Registration is available for Malaysia and Singapore.

在马来西亚现在拥有2千5百万名微信用户,我们公司能提供一个平台来提升您的业绩。“认证微信公众帐号”让您在微信里建立一个属于您公司的“网络生意”,让您拥有多一条销售和推广渠道来增长业绩。如今Michaelsoft DDS已被WeChat Malaysia授权成为微信“认证”公众帐号注册的一份子。所以还等什么? 赶快注册来扩展您的生意吧!

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Wait no more! Register today!

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