Friday, May 20, 2016

Neptune Cyber Cafe Sunway

New cyber cafe project set up in Sunway.
Choose Michaelsoft DDS, best diskless solution provider in Malaysia.

From consultation to setup. We have expert in ready for help. Help you build up cyber cafe business. Why diskless? Choosing diskless make easy for bootup all PC in one. Or you prefer choose to start up PC one by one? Yes, this is diskless solution system for cyber cafe.

MAU, now is your best choice to run a Cybercafe business. Now MichaelSoft DDS already provide 3 in 1 package, which included diskless solution + auto game update + game menu. MAU is compatible for Windows 8 & 10 now.

Do you still using Windows XP?
Time to say NO.
Upgrade now before lose your Cybercafe business.

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