Thursday, October 28, 2010

DDS For Karaoke

DKS - Your Diskless Karaoke

MichaelSoft DDS Sdn. Bhd. had been rapidly developing our diskless solution (DDS) to provide a wide range of customization and services over the year. With our newest breakthrough in using diskless solution for karaoke system, we are expending out to reach the karaoke entertainment industry and we are proud to announce the launch of "DKS - Your Diskless Karaoke"!
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MichaelSoft e-Solutions Sdn. Bhd. as our new subsidiary company has been established and committed to this cause. We will be known in the industry to be the One-Stop Solution provider with the most complete and stable Karaoke System. We are a commercial enterprise which furnishes both companies and individuals, aiming to provide to the customer an outstanding service, an excellent product variety and economical terms of trade with the assistance of a powerful team unit of employees competing for a common goal: their own benefit and the benefit of the company as a whole.
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  • Supply and install of Centralized Karaoke Systems
  • Supply and install of Karaoke equipments such as Amplifiers, Speakers, Microphones, and Client PC etc.
  • Supply and install of Karaoke Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Technical support on Karaoke Hardware and Software
  • Special training for new staffs on POS, repair and maintenance and daily operations.
  • Supply & Update on latest songs and genres
  • Advice & consultation on outlet Layout & Design for new Karaoke Outlets


Take a look at our list of successful karaoke sites, see our portfolio here!

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