Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cybercafe Billing System (ECafePro)

eCafePro Server Full Version
Features includes:
* Three Payment Options: Prepaid, Postpaid, Promotion options
* Each Staff user has his own Access Level or restrictions for the eCafePro system.
* Different Member Type and discount
* Member Prepaid Function and Bonus Point Center
* Different Day/Time Rate, Game and Internet Rate Option...
* Flexible Currency Sign Format (eg. AUD, USD, RM, Rp, $)
* Taxation
* Products/Services Setup: Allow customers to order goods (foods, drink, scan...)
* Stock Report.
* Sales Report: View the report in any date range. Print it or export it to other format.
* Email Shift Report: Send the shift report/summary to specify email address
* Punch Clock - Staff User Working Duration & Salary Report.
* Receipt Printing
* Emergency Printing
* Event Log: Record every actions of the system.
* Restart/Shutdown Any or All Client PCs
* Transfer Selected Client Pc to Another Client PCs
* View/Capture the Motion/Screen of Selected PC
* Send Message to Any or All Client PCs
* Control Sound Volume of Any of the Client PCs
* Lock And Unlock Any or All Client PCs
* Waiting List
* Different icon viewing Option, large icons, small icon, list, details.
* Customise your own Icons and Background Color.
*Stability: All the records including clients login records will not affected by Power Down or System Problems.
*and much more...

eCafePro Client
*Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del and Alt+Tab
*Restrict/Release Mouse Moving Area
*Rotating Wallpaper
*Lock and Unlock Mode
*Send Message to Server
*Check Time Start and Duration.
*Prepaid Member Login and Logout
*Tweak and Security Function.
It's very easy to use all this features and functions!

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