Friday, October 29, 2010

Smart Cyber Control System

Smart Cyber Control, is a mainly used to manage one to many computers covered the use restrictions, information provision, online shopping and membership management system business management software ... etc..

"Internet cafe (bar) management system, not just manage it."

Must be a complete solution to the end customer management and Internet cafes to play steal the drawbacks of the weapon. After a good long-term observation of the company management system, will lead the store is a major factor for profit. Including whether the player can stand to play a malicious hack and steal all the operators effectively deter fraud and other cases, multiple pricing flexibility in handling diverse membership system and complete catering management (online ordering) and so on, we will go to prove management system not only just managed it, even more important is all-powerful management system. The Company has been committed to technology pioneer, has a number of original technologies. Not only that, but also provide a huge and professional after-sales service, for market variability and the possible issues, from time to time revised. Allows you to use a more assured, more stand the test of long-term.

Product Feature :

Intelligent real-time connection systemImmediate insight into the connection status of the audience switch with anti-theft feature. Communication support for TCP / TP, and IPX two. Whether actual IP, virtual IP, or mixed use, can use the support of the most widely used. Not steal bandwidth, the packet is small, does not affect the connection speed of the game.
Intuitive interface, you can check operationSite configuration through a 2D map, the user can easily view real-time status and operation of the function. Can switch the map or list mode, look at the cumulative amount of all users of the scene, the cumulative number of minutes and the remaining time and so the details. And the data will automatically refresh and provide the sort. Another mode of operation is also very diverse, support for shortcut keys, quick log log off, the group open and group statement, etc., to improve the efficiency of personnel to operate.

Composite of multiple accounting managementSupport the general log, package sets, unlimited boxes distinction, area pricing, discount periods, minimum, and so multiple pricing, is the most complete accounts of the market system. You need not worry about not apply other circumstances, can cross through the use of the parameter settings to achieve the effective operation of the flexible optimization. And provide mandatory ordering function (subsidiary of goods), can be complex restaurant in response to the trend of the future.

And types of the most diverse membershipThe system supports four types of membership: discount type, Prepaid, stored value-type and Time type. You can use any of various types and properties to create a variety of part of your membership. And support for preferential time point deduction, the customer on their own in the client (login, apply for membership, change password), etc., and allows duplication of card purchase, transfer points, counting money, and so detailed and complicated and can not function in this eleven detail.

Full and powerful food commodity managementCustomer support online ordering, membership points redeemed for and more. Unconventional taste options, making a more humane management of food and beverage. Customers ordering through the online selection of the right taste, you can purchase merchandise. At this point the counter in the permanent window, access to customer demand documents printed after the consumer checkout. Perfect food process, will reduce human errors in operation. Also available inventory, purchase log, the inventory query transaction functions, also provides members discounts of goods, exchange goods and so on.
Improve the internal management mechanismProvides rights management, shift work, audit Chronicles, wrong account restore and more. Some features an unprecedented effort, for example: a record audit Chronicles for the effective operation of personnel to deal with some major events, to avoid fraud and incorrect operation. The wrong account can be used to open dislocation reduction, junction dislocation, cancel checkout or go back to buy goods, etc. which will deal with returns goods inventory, is also set to the wrong account to restore the time limit.

Treatment of minors at nightThrough the Task Scheduler, set the time midnight daily broadcast messages to remind young teenagers logged out. Also you can set the member under the age of compulsory age, prohibition sign in the middle of the night time or forced by the counter log.
Unique remote control commandsIn addition to general function network boot, shutdown, or re-opened, the volume of the system is still forced to support the control (limit customer volume), radio text (for live broadcast messages), and for maintenance personnel to provide remote batch command.

Tenacious client locking mechanism, perfect!Using the original technology, is currently the only commercially available in Windows XP to ensure effective protection lock table management system, even using the blast tools are still impeccable. And has three automatic file corruption, strengthen the protection and recovery, effectively curb vandalism customers.

The perfect time remaining tipsSupport the two-stage prompt. First paragraph: When the user when the time approached, the first few minutes to voice and text prompts; the second paragraph of tips for the final countdown. Remaining time will be directly displayed in the currently running screen. When the lock to Taiwan, also set a few seconds after the restart.

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