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Effective & Efficient Hotel network management using QNO L7 router

Effective & Efficient Hotel network management using QNO L7 router

Network administrator often face problems regarding managing their network and utilizing the network hardware resources to deliver better bandwidth management.

As we all know that L7 router four main functions are online behavior management, VIP priority channeling, internet line binding and QoS broadband management. This router is very suitable for hotel’s network management.

In order to guarantee the stability of internet, effectiveness, and hotel guest’s smooth internet browsing experience, what are the requirements and necessary steps to take to fulfill these criteria?

One of the small hotels, about 50 to 100 rooms, 50 PCs using intranet, has two ISP lines, one is a 2M ADSL, the other is a 10M fiber optics. How can QNO router features minimize internet lag issues and utilize broadband usage to its maximum?

The problems

When it comes to work efficiency, the hotel staff will always put the blame on slow internet connection. They are unable to finish their research or communicate with customers and colleagues due to some staff’s selfish bandwidth usage. They will either watch online shares or speculate the stock market, downloading their favorite dramas, or streaming mp3 music. Their online activity exposed to the risk of virus attacks, and slows down other people’s internet connection.

Network admins usually allow these activities during off working hours, but when there’s a need for prioritized internet usage, the network admin is unable to allocate bandwidth for the prioritized user. For example, CEO having video conference with clients, but the off working hour’s internet usage by the staff leeched the CEO’s bandwidth.

As for customer, guest room has no restriction over internet usage, however peer to peer downloading such as BT and Thunder (Xun Lei)  will have restricted bandwidth allocation. Guest also wants smooth internet browsing, smooth instant messaging, and the VIP rooms need seamless, secured VoIP. At the same time ensuring the whole hotel network is available for everyone else’s usage.

The solutions

QNO duo core router’s multi WAN

It can separately manage office’s internet and customer’s internet; 2M line can be used to fulfill staff’s office bandwidth usage, 10M line is provided for the customer’s internet bandwidth. It also can assign VLAN to achieve effective management of bandwidth allocation according to different floors in the hotel.

Online behavior management

It can block sites that contain pornography, excessive violence, drugs, cult religion, and other illegal contents. L7 online behavior management has a black and white list, where the hotel network management can add more sites to the black list, or allow staffs to browse certain website, and assign browsing schedule so that during working hours no one is allowed to browse the internet, hence improve their productivity.

Internet Line binding

For hotel’s platinum or diamond level VIP guest, the router can assign the VIPs to enjoy prioritized privilege and secured broadband usage, so that there won’t be any internet lag issues which affect by other user’s bandwidth usage. Using line binding feature to provide high bandwidth service to customer is like selling a train ticket, or a flight ticket to reach the same destination. This feature can differentiate the quality service received by normal member and gold card member.

QoS broadband management

For hotel guest room’s broadband management, router’s QoS broadband management, combined with QNO’s featured “Smart QoS”, any kind of internet application service can be identified to its core, allowing webmaster to limit or block bandwidth allocation to users who abusing it. For example, under unrestricted browsing, the user that uses p2p downloads, is able to browse the internet, and hold VoIP conference at the same time with sufficient bandwidth because the allocation of bandwidth has been assigned accordingly to its internet application service.


To have better control in bandwidth allocation and their internet user, network administrator can generate individual pass with ID and password for each hotel room guest. This pass can be assigned for different usage validity, from a day to a specific time to avoid unauthorized user to freely use the internet connection.


With the popularity of the hotel building in depth information infrastructure, network management becomes important. Due to the increasing usage of internet in hotel network management, it also increases the use of traffic and online behavior management. A multi-functional product will allow the management to achieve their objectives with lesser effort. QNO L7 router is simple to use, detailed managing, and able to constantly automatically update its database.

I believe that network management in various regions of the country will make tens of thousands of hotel follow the L7 network management trend.

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