Monday, June 4, 2012

QNO L7 Router Case study for Corporate

QNO L7 Router Case study for Corporate


Assuming that there’s a company that uses a 2M ADSL, and 10M fiber optics to get its internet connection, there’s around 100 internal PC, and request for strict control over staff where they can only use the internet for browsing purpose and MSN, all other applications were banned. Manager and assistant manager are excluded from this restriction control. They also want to ensure that during VoIP conference would be smooth and ERP can be connected remotely anytime. Sales department staffs were allowed to watch video online, and download documents, but it doesn’t want it to affect the email traffic.

There are many different users therefore the users have to be divided into group of normal staff, senior level staff, and sales staff. From the scenario, they requested different managing settings, where the normal staffs is only allowed to browse the internet and use MSN, but all other online activities are restricted.


With L7 online behavior management’s whitelist, the webpage browsing activity and MSN can be added into it, so that normal staff group can only browse webpages and online chat via MSN and other web applications can’t be loaded at all. 

The manager and assistant manager falls under the group of senior level staff, and since this group doesn’t have any restriction, they are free to use the internet freely.

To ensure that the VoIP conference is smooth all the time, and ERP can be connected remotely anytime, this can be solved with two ways. First, by binding the conference room’s VoIP to the 2M ADSL, and the rest bind to the 10M fiber optics. By doing this, all the 2M ADSL bandwidth traffic will be solely used for the conference’s VoIP so that it’s smooth all the time.

The other way is by using the VIP priority channeling. By setting ERP as a VIP, it will be prioritized all the time to utilize the bandwidth. When the branches use ERP connection, the bandwidth usage is prioritized for the ERP connection. It will not cause failed connections due to other application service’s bandwidth usage.

Every staff’s working performance is different. A free internet will cause them otherwise. Just like this company’s sales staff, their restriction is different, they are allowed to watch online videos, and download files, but they hoped that it won’t cause any email traffic problems. This kind of situation requires L7 QoS bandwidth management, setting P2P downloads to 5M and online video watching to 5M, this way it can allow the staffs to watch video online and download at the same time, and it won’t affect the usage of email due to the heavy utilization of bandwidth.

When there’s network, there’s network management. Compared to other average online behavior management routers, QNO L7 routers stand out from its core. With the addition of bandwidth and traffic flow management feature, it can perform greatly in network management. Besides, it can allow automatic update its own database without upgrading its firmware. 

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