Monday, July 9, 2012

Lightning FAST booting Windows 7 on 4 different motherboard, Michaelsoft DDS using SSD combination and fully utilize 16 GB RAM on server!

Recently the Michaelsoft DDS team has installed amazing diskless solution for their client's cybercafes. They wanted to do something different to improve the solution's performance. When they hear that the client has a few machines which ages over 4 years old, and comes in with different motherboards among them. Not forget to mention using a CAT5e cable! (the speed running on this cable is not as fast as CAT6 cables). Also, the client use individual hard disk booting previously.

With confidence in Michaelsoft DDS technology, the client try new methods to boot the machines, testing the feature of faster performance over network booting! How did it go? Check this video!

This time the Michaelsoft DDS team has break their record of booting 4 different client PCs specification on 1 Windows OS, which is the Windows 7 32 bit version within 40 seconds! Batch booting takes 2 minutes for 70 PCs. The server was powered by Pentium i7 processor and it has a 16 GB RAM, whereas the clients are all powered by Pentium Duo Core and they had 2 GB to 4 GB RAM among the different client PCs.
With the recent popularity of using solid state disk (SSD), which is more stable, and faster than using hard disk drive (HDD). The Michaelsoft team achieved that new record by using different type of hard disk combination (4 unit SATA 3.0 SSD, and 2 unit SATA HDD) to setup their diskless solution server.


The clients were amazed and felt satisfied for choosing Michaelsoft DDS. The diskless solution for cybercafe by Michaelsoft DDS, has the following benefit:

1.  Free Server OS Licensing
SAVE on server Operating System license since DDS server utilizing “FREE” Linux OS.

2.  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
SAVE on Hard Disk Drive investment and future HDD upgrading cost.

3.  Less Maintenance, Cost & Time
SAVE cost and time since doing update on a PC means that you also updating every PCs in your network.

4.  Help Planet Earth, go Green
SAVE our green planet by not using Hard Disk Drive, generate less heat without HDD, pay less electric bills, and travel less due to the easiness on maintaining.

5.  No recovery software/hardware/backup/​cloning
SAVE cost as “RUR” feature are included in DDS.

6.  Recovery Upon Reboot (RUR)
SAVE trouble as “RUR” feature ensures that any harm done to the client PC will be undone once client PC reboots.

7.  DDS Multi-Driver (DMD)
“DMD” feature supports all kinds of Client PC’s specification, able to work with different motherboards, display adapters, sound cards, webcam and etc.

8.  DDS Multi-Image (DMI)
“DMI” feature enable DDS server to boot on multiple versions of Windows / Linux OS /Languages to support different needs.

9.  DDS Multi-Restore (DMR)
“DMR” feature will create restore point for every updates done on the master hard disk.

10.DDS Multi-Sync (DMS)
“DMS” feature enables Multi Synchronizing between Servers, so it can be use to create additional servers, or just doing regular backup.

11.Load Balancer feature and “ZERO” Down Time
During the booting of client PCs, it automatically selects the least network load server. With 2 servers running simultaneously ensures that if situation like hardware failure on one server, second server will take over all the operations.

12.Immune to Virus and Trojan
With “RUR” feature, all client PCs will reset back to original mode hence thoroughly eliminate any virus attack and hacking.

13.Accelerated network performance
DDS utilize the enhancement driver transmission protocol to increase the performance of client PCs. With this feature, clients PCs are performing at an incomparable speed.

14.DDS supports RAID technology
Supports RAID0 for high hard disk performance

Cybercafe owners will have less burden in maintaining the business, and have more quality time to spend in their lives.

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