Thursday, July 12, 2012

Are you going to upgrade to Windows 7 Yes? or No?

Upgrading to Windows 7

This have been a discussion for quite some time since its launched in 2010, whether or not the cybercafe owners wants to switch to it or not were still doubtful. Windows 7 was quite a stranger back then, after hearing a lot of complaints about Vista, that's why most of the cybercafe are still using XP SP2 and 3.

From cybercafe's perspective, it's better to upgrade to Windows 7, here's why:

New games are no longer supported by Windows XP


The minimum requirements are still Windows Vista, game titles such as Battlefield 3 and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier need at least Windows Vista because of the visual enhancement powered by DirectX 10.

Do expect new games coming out in the future that has cool visual graphics, need at least Windows Vista, but some of the hardware drivers were not compatible with Vista. To an extent, Windows 7 supports more driver than Vista, so in terms of hardware driver support, and OS requirement its better to choose Windows 7.

Should you still stay in Windows XP?

There's still some games that runs in XP, if your customer only play games that only requires XP, just stay with it. However, the customers will eventually demand for better games that need to be run in Windows 7, cybercafe owners need to think about upgrading to Windows 7. Why not upgrade to Windows 7 while Michaelsoft is providing promotional upgrade to Windows 7?

How to decide whether to change to Windows 7 or not?

Contact us if the games in our game menu are compatible with Windows 7 or not.
Michaelsoft DDS recommends 64 bit version Windows 7 for better performance.

Features of Windows 7:

1. Lower system requirements 

A relatively slow 1GHz PC with 1GB of memory can run Windows 7 (though 2GB of RAM is recommended and 4GB for the 64-bit edition), making it suitable for installation on low-end computers on up to high-end gaming machines. 

2. Simpler navigation 

Using Aero Peek features, Windows 7 users can more easily view desktop contents by turning all open windows transparent. 

With Aero Shake, you also have the option to simply grab an active window and physically shake the mouse to minimize other panes cluttering up one's monitor. 

Last, but not least, Aero Snap functions automatically resize windows to take up half the screen when they're dragged to either side of your display.

3. Better multitasking 

You can pin all your common programs at the task bar, making it more visible to see which windows you're at so you won't have to flip through it again. Cybercafe user now can play their Facebook games, listen to musics in Windows Media Player, chat in different messenger with ease without clicking one by one to check where's their program. 

4. Greater stability 

Unlike Windows Vista, most hardware and software is readily compatible with Windows 7 and will work right out of the box, with no need to download and install additional drivers. Happily, in instances where necessary, locating and adding these updates to your PC proves a relatively painless procedure.

5. Enhanced security 

Instead of making you play watchdog and constantly click to approve program access, Windows 7 does away with the vast majority of Windows Vista's nagging pop-ups. Users can now control the relative amount of prompts regarding system security they receive using an intuitive slider bar control, with alert messages minimized to avoid becoming a nuisance.

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