Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cybercafe Perak Project - The Greatest Outstation Project

Outstation project. Cybercafe project in Perak. Thanks for Cybercafe Perak having us, MichaelSoft DDS services.

MichaelSoft DDS services not only focus on Klang Valley area, but whole Malaysia. And also whole South East Asia. We provide the best services. This Cybercafe own around 180 PCs for entire business operation. 3 server to ensure whole network system running well. They are using Windows XP operating system. Before they having us MichaelSoft DDS, they are facing some critical problem during daily business operation hours. The problem facing by them are, PC hang always. Caused customer playing game slow suddenly. Entire network system hang. More and more bad situation effects on customer who walk in. Some PC's hard disk spoiled, windows can't boot properly on certain PC.

After having MichaelSoft DDS, the owner of Cybercafe Perak, happy eventually.
No more PCs hang. No more network hang. Free hard disk troubleshoot problem. Walk in customer feel happy, no more hang or no more slow during playing PC game. Plus, benefit using MichaelSoft Auto Update (MAU), we give you 100% auto game update to all online games. Its supports traditional/simplified Chinese. It give you Games Save Function. So your customer no need worry while leaving for a period of time.

MichaelSoft Auto Update (MAU) give you faster download source from Datacenter 500Mbps download and upload speed. 24 hours everyday fully automatic game update. No game files corrupt, no game registry error, no buffering issue during update. Less work you have, more comfortable more happy your customer playing game in your Cybercafe. Even though your Cybercafe are in outstation, there is not a problem. We have the best and faster download source from Datacenter.

One more benefit, deploy MichaelSoft DDS, MichaelSoft Auto Update (MAU), and MichaelSoft DDS Game Menu in your Cybercafe, your electric bill expenses decrease. Save a lot of cost. The owner of Cybercafe Perak, he told us, he is happy. Electric bill expenses save around RM1000. We are happy too. We provide the best system and the most stable system network to you. The most faster MichaelSoft Auto Update (MAU) services. The best value auto game update in the market.

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