Monday, June 16, 2014

Art Design College Project

MichaelSoft DDS is the best diskless solution system management for Education environment too, such as Primary & Secondary school computer labs, University computer labs, College computer labs, and Art Design College computer labs too.

Thanks Art Design College for choosing us, MichaelSoft DDS services, in your college computer labs management. For Art Design College, they normally used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Suite, AutoCAD, Macromedia Suite and design software related. Windows operating system normally run in Windows XP or Windows 7 latest. Same case for this Art Design College project too.

Benefits using MichaelSoft DDS in Education environment:-
✔ Diskless Solution
All the computers will be running without hard disks as they are fetching data from the server instead of the local hard disks.

✔ Recovery from Virus & Immunity
Viruses attack in computer labs, mostly come from pen drives and malicious e-mails. With simple PC restart, all virus removed. PCs recover to the previous stage.

✔ Application Updates
All software & Windows Operating System need update time by time. With MichaelSoft DDS, just only update one computer, while the other computers connected to DDS will receive the updates upon restart. Efficient instead of doing repetitive jobs in traditional way.

✔ Software Applications Compatibility
DDS is a very friendly system and it will go along well with any software you can think of. Here's a quick list of software that is usually needed for education purposes, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, 3D applications and more. The best thing is, DDS can support Linux Operating Systems which are needed for some computer labs.

✔ Drivers Compatibility
MichaelSoft DDS support different specifications computers attached to the network. Such Dell PCs, HP PCs , Asus PCs in one computer labs, as long using MichaelSoft DDS, there are no problems.

✔ Zero Down Time
Since DDS runs on more than one server (depending on how large the network environment is), there will be zero down time since DDS with HA feature enables the ability to take over all the PCs even one of the server are down due to technical difficulties.

After deploy MichaelSoft DDS to this Art Design College, the Lecturer and students felt happy. Because MichaelSoft DDS support "Flexibility Environment" too. Where there are few computer labs in one college. Certain computer labs specific only for Adobe used. Some specific for AutoCAD used. But, with MichaelSoft DDS, no matter which computer labs you go, you wouldn't worry about this cases. You can uses others computer labs for your classes. Choosing MichaelSoft DDS, is your best choice ever.

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