Friday, June 20, 2014

Internet Cafe Puchong Project

New MichaelSoft Auto Update (MAU) available now in the market. MAU, fully compatible with other disk or diskless solution. Now you don't need to buy full system to get an auto game update. New MAU come with vitualization windows technology which enable you to save one more PCs or server to do as Auto Update Server and work compatible with any harddisk and diskless solution in the market.

✔ MAU Inventory checking features enables you immediately know all the information of your client PCs to facilitate future upgrades and purchasing.

Prevent end tasks program feature enable you to protect your PC’s running process is terminated by hackers or interested parties.

✔ New MAU provide you more faster performance, more beautiful game menu and many new customized features for cybercafé owner and users.

✔ MAU, supports multiple OS, Windows XP & 7 32bit or 64bits. MAU give you more faster download source from Datacenter with 500Mbps download and upload speed. MAU, 24 hours every day running for your game auto update. There is no game files corrupt, no game registry error, and no buffering issue during game update.

The benefit to deploy the MichaelSoft Auto Update (MAU) in your cybercafé, you can save more time, cost and doing less complicated maintenance tasks.

If you are owner of Internet Cafe or if you are technical staff in Internet Cafe, you no need worry more about complicated game auto update tasks anymore. All games patches can be scheduled. So you can have more time to concentrate on your Internet Cafe business and provide more interactive program for your gamers or clients. You no need worry about forgotten games update anymore and walk in client complaining game didn't get update on time. Beside that, MAU supports Traditional and Simplified Chinese. MAU give you Games Save Function. You can continue play the game stages back, after leave some time.

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