Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hybrid Version for All-NEW MAU

Back to old time, we called AGU (Auto Game Update). Now we called MAU (MichaelSoft Auto Update). New transformation. Before All-NEW MAU version, we are totally using LINUX OS to run all the diskless system for auto game update.

Sometimes not many client are expert in LINUX. So after a decade, ours R&D department try to develop a new brand, new version of MAU (MichaelSoft Auto Update). All-NEW MAU, now is offering Windows + Linux based OS to run the auto game update systems. It's more GUI (Graphical User Interface). More productive. Run your auto game update more quickly and easily. Astounding performance. It runs on RAM. Faster than previous version. Awesome. We called this All-NEW MAU Hybrid Version.

Keen to know more? Click the flyer below to view in original size. Choose now, new MAU for your Cyber Cafe desired! For Chinese version flyer, please click here. More features about new MAU, click here.

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ashraf rizwan said...

hi pls dont make customer confuse with your "FREE FOR UNLIMITED PC" and INSTALLATION RM0.pls explain more detail with ur service..

Lai Tuck Seng said...

The windows 7 upgrade is free for unlimited pc, and for installation is rm 0.

ashraf rizwan said...

ok tq 4 explaining to me..erm n how much if one year fee??rm999?coz i have 36pc at my shop..

Lai Tuck Seng said...

Hi, Mr. Ashraf, do you have skype or phone number?