Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MichaelSoft DDS for Call Center

MichaelSoft not only focus on Cyber Game. But MichaelSoft services include Education, Training Center, Call Center and others corporation field as well. This is MichaelSoft latest project. MichaelSoft DDS for Call Center.

Diskless environment is important nowadays. If your company have a lot of PC running. Diskless solution is the best choice for you. MichaelSoft provide the best diskless system.

Why call center need MicahelSoft DDS? One of the main reason, MichaelSoft DDS provide you the clean desktop environment to you. In order to kicked out personal and unrelated file folder in the PC. Each time system reboot, all unnecessary gone. But PC system remain original, clean and safe. Save you hard disk failure checking cost. Save your IT maintenance fees.

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