Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Singapore Cyber Game Project

What make different CyberCafe in Malaysia with Singapore? Sure, the IT hardware, internet broadband services & local government regulations. All high-spec IT hardware in this Singapore CyberCafe project. Can you imagine if you are the ePlayer, when you sit down here, you definitely feel comfortable, relax and clean environment.

MichaelSoft DDS not only for Malaysia. Instead Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and others South East Asia country is manage to get our MichaelSoft DDS system. Cloud diskless solution is important to manage & maintain a good CyberCafe business. Online game up to date, you not need to trouble anymore for update game one by one. Save your hard disk cost. Because MichaelSoft DDS is using diskless system in your CyberCafe environment.

Why choose MicahelSoft DDS as your primary PC diskless system solution? One of the main reason, MichaelSoft DDS provide you the best services. And the best reasonable price in the market now.

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