Wednesday, December 31, 2014

MichaelSoft DDS for Education Computer Lab

Start up PC one by one in your college computer lab, headache, right? Plus if each Window OS need up to date. For example, Windows XP to Windows 8, what will you do? One by one set up? No? Why? Because it take a lot of time to set up, right? No need trouble so much. Choose MichaelSoft DDS. MichaelSoft DDS provide you the best and the fast diskless system for your education computer lab.

MichaelSoft DDS boot all PC in one. All PC start up together in one. Imagine all software deploy to all PC in one. Super fast. Super easy. Super save cost. This is the diskless system you looking for. Some more, in college computer lab, a lot of software need to install. Such Adobe, AutoCAD, Macromedia, Microsoft and others. Choose MichaelSoft DDS. All system maintenance and software, all can just do in one time. Save your time.

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