Friday, January 23, 2015

MichaelSoft DDS for Education Computer Labs

New project for private college. Huge project. Before deploy MichaelSoft DDS, we have to make sure all hardware PC is set up. All network cabling is set up. All table chair is set up. All electric power is set up and run well. Then we only start deploy MichaelSoft DDS. This is MichaelSoft DDS for education computer labs project.

Running diskless environment in education computer labs is not the costing fees low. In face, because you manage centralize all IT software control at once. Some how student love to install software for some unrelated school lesson purpose. Example, Facebook, Games, Online Game and others. So normally you have to delete one by one, PC per PC. Waste time totally. And no efficient for long term PC healthcare. With MichaelSoft DDS, each time reboot system. System start with fresh and clean desktop environment.

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